My Experiences in Twitter Chats As a Newcomer

Social media becomes increasingly indispensable in PR business. PR professionals and students use twitter as a tool to expand their business network, increase interview opportunities and better understand PR business.

I have participated in three #prstudchat, which is a twitter chat for PR students and professionals. It starts at 8:30 p.m. every Wednesday. I only contributed one twitter feed for each time, sharing opinions about the existed topics that other people covered with #prstudchat in their tweets. However, the tweet feeds are not as timely as other professional twitter chats like #pr20chat. Very few tweets were contributed during scheduled time. I usually track relevant tweets back to several hours ago, but the responses and interactions with other people were not undermined or postponed.

My strategy of participating in the twitter chat is to make comments and respond to others, connecting their perspectives to my personal experience. Once a tweet talking about the resuscitation of MySpace, indicating that clients revalue the importance of uses of MySpace. I tweeted to him, showing him my gratitude to his suggestions, since my MySpace has been out of use for years.

Twitter chat is a opportunity to have conversations with other PR peers, garnering suggestions and information of marketing trends. It is a forum of sharing creative thoughts and very “spark the ideas” moment.

Here is five steps to a successful twitter chat by Justin Dennis, who is a marketing expert in social media.

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